All rooms in Porto Paradiso are located on the beach, just a few steps from the sea. The big verandas offer a view at the sea and they are the ideal place for relaxation after swimming in the sandy and not deep beach of “Golden Beach”. All rooms are comfortable, equipped with two beds and constructed with the traditional Cycladic techniques. The whole complex is made out of stone. As a result to that, we can adjust the temperature in an ideal and acceptable level during summer and winter season also. All rooms are equipped with air- condition, Flat TV, mini bar and a small refrigerator. The brand of beds is “Media Strom” and they can easily be put together if somebody wants to

Some of the two-bed rooms can also turned into three-bed. Two of the two-bed rooms are communicating with each other with a middle door and that is an ideal place for three or five people if needed. Each of these two rooms has an individual entrance and balcony door (one of these two rooms has two bathrooms and a small kitchen set).


During July and after August 25 until September 10, we offer one extra free day of staying for every new reservation that lasts one week. Kids under the age of 12 don’t get charged.